There is also a youth training camp will be called

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There is also a youth training camp will be called Giovanni Pasquale, marked the main players past life in the Inter Milan, Elite nfl jerseys,now 18 years old, playing left guard position, from the Juventus youth academy, 97 switch that Eve Lee malonyl League Vercelli, 98 years to switch to Inter Milan, said that he was very good, Yang Cheng want to give him training with the first team opportunities. Another is striker Mohammed indignant roar of a tiger, which is later in the Inter Milan marked the main, and after the year 2010 that the striker to join Super He was also for many years by the Inter loaned out life experiences are good, this season Reggina is a series of goals, speed, impact, ball sense or tactical execution and guarding the consciousness also very satisfactory. He has now scored seven goals in Reggina, estimated to be able to achieve double-digit after the end of the season, came on a 20-year-old striker, really good! Yang Cheng currently think, study training young players singled out the team combination, stay with some other potential players are put out as much as possible to try them, but not in the style of the lease, but style with co-owner, the future combination and then redeemed to, so the other side will be more body center. On a crossing, the Yang Cheng clearly, the so-called wealthy youth academy has always been an image of the project. A Yankees can really use all yts training young players, few and far between, but once promoted several outside immediately overwhelming praise, giving a youth academy talent feeling. Yang Cheng is now to do such a thing. But he has a premise is that these ,Coach Purses outlet,players in the squad can really get a chance, and have the strength to compete with the main players, otherwise, he would not do it. Some things, and the Yang Cheng went to the training ground. The weekend rival Parma, Inter Milan pressure away from home, what  results of the current strength of the team is unusual can. Although Inter Milan now occupy the top, but integral with Juventus, plus Duyao very tight on the team behind Lazio, Ac Milan, Inter Milan a heart, at any time are likely to be the go-ahead. Ac Milan, the current round of the rival vs. Bari, Lazio are away to Turin, Juventus away to Udinese, Rome is home to usher in Venice. February 5, took the lead in a race, Florence 2-2 draw away the Verona Trapattoni's team this season that really general, although Batty strong, helpless Florence overall combat effectiveness is not behind in the standings in the first army a lot, and have little possibility of winning, the Champions League is also difficult, NFL jerseys cheap,even less than her inability to have problems reached the UEFA Cup next season. Shelling of another sector of Trapattoni has reached a high point, especially Florence fans, more numerous and began to threaten Trapattoni class, only the club boss wonders Ghauri still in suggesting that trust in him . But the players but had already begun to panic, I believe Florence this summer will be a turbulent summer When Vanoli, Cannavaro, Tuoli Xi and Thuram an almost envious defense stands on the front, I believe that all cities and Yang Cheng, like he was tired, especially when Mallett Thani announced three lines to be compressed when the Inter attack curb. As Yang Cheng before the Inter attack the lack of transformation! Trident back and forth in the front court inexhaustible crossunder running, with more understanding, they found several opportunities also really creative, but almost in Parma that copper walls talk wall guarding before, Inter Milan's attack again and again to resolve. It's like a fist fight in the wall, the pain is! "Is not his style of play is very positive, very beautiful?" Yang Cheng to look puzzling asked to own assistant. Smile Paul Luo Baier shook his head, "That depends on who!" "I am honored to do?" Yang Cheng mocking looked Malesani, Nfl jerseys wholesale,the other not to learn, but why learn Trapattoni, why not just put all piled into the restricted area? The time slowly runner, Yang Cheng can feel the obtained, the Inter Milan player's patience is also a little bit of the passage.

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