^^Ja das warcraftflair gibts auch im bg

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Da ich aktiver warcraft tft spieler bin find ich das game natürlich cool;) . nur dass ein irrwisch 14 min dauert zum bauen find ich n bissl lang^^ Aber so sind browsergames halt
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In Classic, each weapon is associated with its own development. While in Warcraft Retail you can simply use any weapon that your class allows you to use and that will be fine, in Vanilla you have to get to it. In other words: If you have ever just used weapons and decided to switch to crossbows, you will miss most of your attacks and abilities just because you don't have the skills to use them. And pumping a sword or mace from zero to maximum is a very long task, and imagine having to master up to five different types of weapons. That's why the guys offer this service for players who have difficulty aligning weapons, and it is completed when you buy classic weapon skill. These guys are the only ones who can really efficiently put any hero under any type of weapon like here -

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