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Evolution Vault was established in October 2005 as an independent developer of computer games. Since then, we have been developing a real time strategy in space, called Galactic Dream: Rage of War and today we are expanding our territory towards online gaming, while we strive to provide a consistent gaming environment for players worldwide.

With an unrestricted ambition, Evolution Vault believes that the next-generation of games offer an opportunity to expand the games experience into a creative entertainment medium, one that can rival art and literature.

Our passion for games goes hand in hand with our passion for fun. We all know that many players are not satisfied with the games out there nowadays. As the gaming industry became a very profitable business, game developers around the world, along with their designers, also became more interested in profits, forgetting about what a game was really meant to be in the first place: Relaxation, Intrigue, Fun.

Exceptions exists, of course, and we have all respect for those who dare to stand up a challenge and
for those who are taking risks to bring diversity and originality within their games.

It takes a lot of courage and independence for a studio to came out with such games.
It is always a good thing to be ambitious, but you have to have all you need to materialize your ambitions.

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